That’s right! If you’re unlucky enough to have dropped your iPhone while visiting the happiest place on earth, frown no more. You don’t have to waist a single minute trekking to a repair shop. We can come directly to you at any place in Disneyland Park. Our professionally trained staff will provide you with a loaner phone while your repair is being performed. Due to Disneyland’s internal policies we are not permitted to perform the repairs inside the park. Your turn around time is about 1~3 hours on most days. Once the repair is delivered to our local facility, a certified tech will perform the screen replacement repair. Once complete, we will call you on the loaner phone we provide with options to pay online. We accept VISA, MC, Discover, American Express, and most importantly–Apple Pay. Once payment is complete a delivery team member will meet you wherever you are to return your device. Our service includes a free “suprise” souvenir along free screen protector and free soft case to ensure that you are left with some level of protection against the hustle and bustle of Disney’s Theme Park.

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