For those of you visiting for the first time let me take a minute to indroduce BLUEDOT as a brand so you can better understand what we offer and what we stand for.

Blue Dot Works is a series of California grown, family run, customer-centric, service based businesses AND inventors. We offer a wide array of contracting services, technical services, media creation, artistic services, and business services.  We pride ourselves by offering a higher level of detail and special attention to every project we take on. In order to do that we need to allocate expandable time blocks to each project. This is made possible by over a decade of building entrepreneurial boot-strapped business models. So whether you are getting set up with a new website and hosting package or adding some conditional automation to home’s lighting, we got you covered. We have an extensive level of combine knowledge from over a dozen different industries. Consider us a one stop resource for all your personal and business projects.

For a more complete list of available services offered by us, please check out the Mobile Services tab at the top of this page. And as always thank you for taking the time to learn about BLUEDOT and who we are.

Have a problem but can’t find a solution? Don’t fret, this is our specialty. Talk to one of our troubleshooting gurus and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. That way you don’t end up wasting time and money traveling down the wrong road. Your success is our success!


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